Samudragupta leading the gupta dynasty to

King samudragupta, known as samudragupta the great, was the son of chandragupta i the great king of gupta empire, samudra gupta participated most in building the “the golden age of india”. Samudragupta was the greatest of the gupta rulers he is considered as the greatest warrior in indian history and is known as indian napoleon the empire of . The gupta empire: an indian golden age samudragupta (o ften called samudragupta the great) founded a new capital city, the gupta empire would never recover . Samudragupta was the fourth ruler of the gupta empire and, the son and successor of chandragupta i ashwamedha sacrifice was performed during his rule.

Rise:the rise of the gupta empire started with the fall of the mauryan empire that lead to the deviation of india chandragupta ii rose to the throne samudragupta then greatly expanded the land, allowing them to take over the northern part of modern day india. According to the allahabad inscription of samudragupta, the founder of the dynasty was named simply gupta (he is normally called sri gupta by modern scholars) he was followed by his son ghatotkacha, who in turn was succeeded by chandragupta i, the father of samudragupta. The most interesting of all gupta empire facts is that it became the most powerful empire in world under chandragupta ii during the fall of roman empire.

Yoddha: the dynasty of samudragupta by rajat pillai is the story of a time when samudragupta, the son of chandragupta i ruled the gupta kingdom the poor king, who is supposed to lead two (or rather, three lives) in order to maintain his kingdom and keep his sons follow just a girl high on books for more reviews. Who is known as the napoleon of india samudragupta (335-375 ad) of the gupta dynasty is known as the napoleon of india historian a v smith called him so because of his great military conquests . Samudragupta was the son of chandragupta who later ascended the throne of gupta dynasty he was called the indian napoleon as he conquered many territories without making much of an effort after emperor ashoka it is said that, the empire of samudragupta was the supreme. Gupta dynasty short notes - indian history • chandragupta i was the real founder and the first ruler of gupta dynasty • chandragupta i adopted the tile ‘maharajadhiraja’. Ramagupta was the king of gupta empire he was the successor of samudragupta from literary evidence such as visakadatta’s devi chandragupta and other literary works, as well as inscription of later period we come across a romantic episode which is of much interest but of little credibility.

Samudragupta, the second emperor of the gupta dynasty, is known to one of india’s best rulers his brilliant leadership and valiant victories earned him the title of ‘napoleon of india’ according to respectable professor dr hc roychowdhury, samudragupta was more versatile than king ashoka . The gupta empire (320 - 550) was an ancient indian empire that was responsible for the indian golden age, an era of peace in which great advances were made in science and artistic pursuits. Samudragupta was the greatest of the rulers of the gupta dynasty the allahabad pillar inscription provides a detailed account of his reign it refers to three stages in his military campaign:.

Samudragupta leading the gupta dynasty to

Samudragupta not only defeated them but extinguished their rules altogether and annexed their territories to the gupta empire he did not show them any grace or anugraha as he did in the case southern kings. The gupta coins discovered in eastern uttar pradesh date from the reign of the dynasty's third ruler chandragupta i, and were part of hoards that included the coins of samudragupta thus, these coins could not have been buried before the reign of samudragupta, and thus, are not a conclusive proof of the location of the territory of his ancestors. Samudragupta, ruler of the gupta empire (c 335 – c 375 ce), and successor to chandragupta i, is considered to be one of the greatest military geniuses in indian history.

The expansion of the gupta empire under samudragupta samudragupta is considered the napoleon of ancient india on account of his wars and conquests his wars and conquests expanded the horizons of the gupta empire for and wide imparting it an all-india character the main source throwing light on . The gupta empire of india (320-720) the kushans, an organized clan of yue qi nomads, made the northwest frontier of india part of their empire around 50 adthe empire was wealthy, gaining substantial revenue by controlling most of the major asian land trade routes.

But some leading indian historians criticise smith and feel that samudragupta was a far greater warrior than napoleon, as the former never lost any battle samudragupta was a great conqueror, carried his sword throughout the length and breadth of india thereby built the mighty gupta empire. The gupta empire stretched across northern, central and parts of southern india between c 320 and 550 ce the period is noted for its achievements in the arts, architecture, sciences, religion, and philosophy chandragupta i (320 – 335 ce) started a rapid expansion of the gupta empire and soon . Chandragupta’s son, samudragupta, assumed the throne in 335 ce, and conquered several neighboring kingdoms eventually, the gupta empire extended across the entire indian subcontinent samudragupta was succeeded by his son, chandragupta ii, who continued to expand the gupta empire through conquest and political alliances. Gupta’s dynasty and indian heritage go hand in hand it was during the golden age of gupta rulers that eminent scholars of india like aryabhatta had contributed their best to the astronomy.

samudragupta leading the gupta dynasty to The gupta empire was an ancient indian empire,  according to the gupta records, amongst his sons, samudragupta nominated prince chandragupta ii, born of .
Samudragupta leading the gupta dynasty to
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